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One of my guilty pleasures is watching a cooking show called "chopped". The contestants must use their creativity to dazzle the judges with up to three courses, using whatever ingredients they can find in the kitchen. The twist is always in the mystery basket items. Creating a savory dessert using an ingredient like anchovies or an appetizer from twinkies ... I am in awe and utterly fascinated by the creativity.

Relying on the instinct of what they already know about the basics of ingredients is what these culinary specialists rely on - the same can be said about the business realm.

Every office, every team offers a unique dynamic - as leaders, we must lean into our business acumen and then start mixing in a little of this and a dash of that until our team melds just perfectly!

Persistence, vision, and passion are the binders!

Use creativity to build your team and manage to their specific attributes - some may be sweet, others a bit tart - but they have the potential to blend together flawlessly!

Next time you find yourself in the kitchen staring at a bunch of individual ingredients - ditch the cookbook and instead, mix things up a bit and try incorporating something new to your bowl.

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