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Feedback with Heart

Feedback is critical for growth but could become a stumbling block for some if offered without heart.

Smile more, slow down, pick up the pace, check your work...

Feedback, out of context, from someone you don't yet trust, can have counterproductive properties.

Nugget of Perception

Trust is, after all, a foundation of Leadership so when a trusted advisor offers constructive criticism aka. feedback, it can be well received.

Friends won't let you walk out the door looking like you belong in the circus, so will guide you right back to your closet to work around that cherished piece so that your personality can shine without calling unwelcome attention.These nuggets of perception offer you a glimpse at what others see or are experiencing. The same holds true for that mentor, supervisor or colleague in the work setting.

Building Culture through Feedback

Being open-minded to suggestions from a trusted colleague can help you grow your flame and position you to be a mentor or advisor to someone else within the organization. If you are asked to share your flyers or letters with someone, it may be to ensure professionalism and to double-check for accuracy, or because you are a rockstar when it comes to generating ideas or amazing communication! Perhaps your company is working dilligently to improve its culture and you are entrusted with voicing the company position with all team members nationwide but have been asked to copy the CEO on all communication - this engagement can quickly build more trust than it was ever intended to take away. There are always two sides to feedback. Whether it takes you just moments to adjust or days/months - when you step back and see it, from the vantage point of a trusted advisor, you have so much to gain!

Building culture through feedback; when given regularly, in sincerity and with heart is the cornerstone of your professional growth, development, and motivation!

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