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It's in the Attitude

How many of us have attended a training session only to be given what seems like a random self-assessment of our current attitude?

It turns out that this "random" assessment isn't so random after all! There is indeed a method behind this madness.

Gauging your attitude offers a visual of where you are so that, if necessary, you can make some minor adjustments to ensure both personal and professional EXCELLENCE!

Transformation Tuesday

Sure, having the skills necessary to complete your job is important, but many companies would rather train someone with a stellar attitude on how to navigate those daily tasks!

On the off-chance that you could use a little adjustment today, what can you do right now to transform your attitude? Grab a mid-afternoon cup-o-joe, indulge in one of those office sweet treats, call a mentor, offer someone a compliment... the list is endless.

Smile a little larger and shine bright for your team - your sunny disposition will set the tone and allow the excellence in yourself and others to flow freely!

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