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“For individuals, character is destiny.  For organizations, culture is destiny”

Tony Hsieh - CEO Zappos

Bill Moyers

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

TEAM MOJO: Empower & Engage!


What is your recipe for building company culture? 

APARTinspiration will provide part-insight and part- inspiration through creativity to help find the right mix for you and your team! 


Check out our on-going communication through the blog or facebook page to share ideas that may influence change while keeping you positively motivated.

Our recipe will have your team cooking in no time!


Don't expect that your employees will have a heart for your business if you don't have a heart for your employees - Theo Van Der Loo


Promote a positive culture:

Do you recognize your peers?  Are your accomplishments and challenges acknowledged by your supervisor(s)?

Does the company make you feel that your involvement in the organization is indeed important? 

Whether you feel that the culture of the office you work is exceptional or not, we can all learn from others and, one person at a time, you can make a positive impact on your happiness!

If you're looking to kick your culture up a notch, contact us for a brainstorming session today!


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