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Staging: Stand Out

When looking for housing, the stigma of apartment living is that your options will offer only minimal character, essentially not much more than "4-walls". In recent years, developers have pushed for more architectural detail but, unless you are exploring a more historic building or paying top dollar, cookie cutter is what most vacant apartments look like to your prospective resident.

Impress your guest

How will your community stand out in the sea of apartment choices? The goal is to make an impression, to provide a glimpse of the lifestyle your residents will enjoy and to make your visit esthetically pleasing.

Let's face it, not everyone we meet can visualize themselves in an apartment that is vacant and echos as you walk through it.

Models are great, when you have the budget for one, but an inexpensive alternative is a mini-model! I'm not talking about raffia or ribbon-tied around a roll of toilet paper/paper towels and a plunger ;)

Mini-models should help define the lifestyle of your community!

Keep it fresh, accentuate the flow and make it feel like home.

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