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Every Which Way!

I have often used the phrase "directionally challenged" when it comes to my abilities to navigate through the streets of a new area. Thankfully, GPS was discovered and I can easily figure out which way to turn.

Starting a new position can seem like discovering that new city without a map.

Does your company offer a defined path for reaching goals, complete with check-points, rest stops and traffic signals for navigating those sharp turns that you may encounter? Is there consistency between the customer touch-points and the touch-points with your newest associates?

Despite our best efforts, many new team members can feel similar trepidation about priorities and expectations. Most on-boarding materials simply outline the procedures and or policies of the company. Reference materials can collect dust on a shelf whereas a personal connection and active supervisor acts more like a GPS that helps redirect you when you stray too far off the outline path. Assigned mentors are a great resource for team members. Not only does it offer someone a great opportunity to step up in their own role, but as an active company ambassador.

Employee retention rates should be evaluated and nurtured like resident retention. In a society where there isn't always loyalty for a company, placing as much emphasis on touch-points with new associates can be critical in building an unbreakable alliance.

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