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Kindness Matters

Tis the season for KINDNESS

Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, Make-A-Wish giving, Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), bells ringing - the spirit of connecting and sharing with others is alive and well! Many residents will send in Thank You notes around this time of year, but don't wait for those - spread a little extra joy to your team with simple, yet effective feedback. Acknowledging hard work and effort are priceless!

Pocket Quotes

It's said that everyone has their own love language -get to know and listen to your team members and find out what motivates them to get through the day; it's not always donuts or lunch (although that never hurts!)

Lending an unexpected hand for a task or offering a pat on the back as a peer or supervisor can be just the dose of motivation needed to reignite or keep the spirit alive among the team.

Pocket quotes are a simple reminder and can be customized and handed out daily, attached to time cards or added to an on-going display of daily reminders of encouragement.

Have you been the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness this month? How do you say THANKS to those in your workplace?

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