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Do You See What I See?

All too often we find ourselves in environments that have conditioned us to look and respond to things the way that has worked countless times before. Fundamentally there may not be anything "wrong" with the current methods being used, the question I find motivates best is, will it move your business forward?

If it's not Broken

There is some truth to the notion that if it's not broken, we don't need to spend time finding a new fix to a process or way to handle a situation. There are often many ways to get the end result. Challenge yourself to consider whether there may be another, possibly more efficent use of time and talents. If so why restrict growth by sticking to status quo.

See the Potential

Most modern day conveniences were born from the vision of others. So many of these aid our business processes and practices so that we can be more efficient and spend time offering a human touch. For those, like myself, who started in the industry when manual account ledgers were everyday practice or when pictures of move-out damages had to be printed after taking the roll of film to a nearby, these improvements were born because someone chose to see things differently and make a difference!

Ask and You will Receive: Suggestion Box

If you consistently review resident surveys or social media feedback, you may find that your residents also have valid ideas and suggestions. In fact Elon Musk recently implemented an upgrade in less than a week based on a twitter complaint.

( n-twitter-from-idea-to-execution-in-6-days.html)

Offices are filled with teams of brilliant minds, let's encourage those you work with to offer suggestions on ways to streamline, simplify and potentially improving the overall experience. Lead the pack and make a difference to your team, your residents and your company.

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